best oras team with swampert

22 mayo, 2023

- Return / Brick Break. I decided to use Bulk Up as Poison Jab is pretty hard to get, and I simply didn't have the patience. When you're at the Elite Four, though, you should forget its HMs and replace them with more useful coverage moves like Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball and Return. Earthquake is a strong filler move. - Grass Knot. I'll make one for Blaziken because who doesn't love the fire chicken? - Surf > Cut - Earthquake Altaria @ Altarianite Moonblast is STAB and anti-Dragon. if you want to change a move be. - Fly Ability: Sturdy Crunch is very helpful against Ghost types, as the team doesnt have any Pokmon with STAB Dark or Ghost moves. - Swords Dance Shadow Ball/Dazzling Gleam/Grass Whistle - Surf The Flash Fire ability is underrated, but if you can pick up Drought do so. Seafloor Cavern Archie: Gardevoir handily deals with Archies entire team, but if youre scared of Crobat outspeeding, switch to Manectric for Discharge. Ability: Thick Fat I won't bother listing the locations of these HM's, since their necessary to complete the game anyway. - Dragon Pulse Double Edge is general coverage as a very strong move, especially given the Rock Head Ability. - Frenzy Plant: from Mauville Move Tutor Dazzling Gleam / Will-O-Wisp: Dark types will walk all over Banette without Dazzling Gleam, but Will-O-Wisp is good for burns. Flamethrower is helpful against Stevens Steel types. Pre-poisoning Hariyama with Guts makes it nigh unstoppable, especially if youre playing on switch mode. - Thunderbolt: TM24 after New Mauville quest Swampert is a Water & Ground Pokmon which evolves from Marshtomp. - Double Edge: Level 45 Echoed Voice was my Swablu's best buddy till it evolved and I just couldn't part with it, not to mention how much better it gets with Pixilate. If it's male, I use Gallade, and if it's female, I use Gardevoir. Manectric @ Manectite - Crunch Ninetales @ Charcoal - Boomburst - Strength Today's team is Gen 6/3 ORAS starting with Mudkip. - Draining Kiss Except for its Mega Evolution which really just makes it kinda OP. Ability: Inner Focus Quick question, what would be a good froslass alternitive? - Waterfall Ability: Trace - Brick Break / Reflect, Note: Many Pokemon in this team can Mega Evolve, it's up to you who gets to do so. Rock Head is a must for Double-Edge. Flannery: Marshtomp easily solos this Gym with Mud Shot as well. - Surf You could go mixed or choose Leaf Blade in place of Giga Drain and run Brick Break in place of Leaf Storm and go physical, although his base Attack isn't great compared to his Special Attack. - Rock Slide, Swords Dance- Most of the useful moves Sceptile can learn are physical. Gardevoir is a great special attacker with an amazing movepool. - Air Slash / Fly - Rock Slide / Hidden Power [Water]. - Needle Arm Earthquake is Earthquake, no explanation needed. Dive Swellow is probably the best Fly user in Hoenn, except for Crobat; the others are a bit lacking in attack to make use of Fly in battle. Well since Sceptile is more specially offensive leaf blade isnt an option, of course you could have Giga drain instead but energy ball has more power which is better with an offensive pokemon like sceptile. There is also a lot of water in Hoenn, so you'll probably battle a lot of trainers with Water Pokemon in the game as well. Zen Headbutt is a decent STAB move with a decent flinch chance, High Jump Kick is a very powerful STAB move (but you will want to be careful using it), Ice Punch covers her Flying weakness, Bulk Up allows it to set up a possible sweep, and Poison Jab covers her Fairy weakness. Base 80 power and 100 accuracy make great use of its high Special Attack. [emailprotected]: Southern Island (Gift) - Surf - Fake Out / Rock Slide / Power-Up Punch. Surf: STAB and an HM. Time for the HM Slaves. The Soothe Bell should be used until Golbat evolves, after which point Acrobatics is more effective with no item. Gallade/[emailprotected] Mega Stone/Filler While it has mediocre attacking stats (70/80 respectively), it does have access to 3 HM moves and nice typing to cover both Sceptile and Linoone's weaknesses. - Ice Beam Ability: Guts Shadow Ball: Mt Pyre, the giant casket room with the Medichamite If Manectric has a good Hidden Power type such as Ice, Grass or Water, keep Hidden Power as your main move, otherwise discard it. Really useful to be able to use that powerful attack and have no recoil. Manectric is only able to deal with Winona and Wallace with Thunderbolt, and Glacia with Flamethrower. Nasty Plot to sharply raise Special Attack and Will-O-Wisp to inflict burns (and take less physical damage). Shadow Ball covers against Ghost and other Psychics. Flamethrower is a good move that provides coverage and takes out the pesky Grass types. The moves give the best coverage he can have. Dragon Breath - Acrobatics - Rock Smash (HM) U-turn- Good power, allows you to switch Pokemon without wasting a turn. Steven: Lead Manectric into Skarmory, and Quick Attack to break Sturdy before KOing with Discharge. - Stone Edge / Rock Slide - Endeavor Strength: HM if not on Hariyama. Fire Blast and Flamethrower are great moves, but I prefer Fire Blast because of Contests. For this Hariyama, Thick Fat is preferred so it can tank more Ice and Fire moves. - Double Hit Knock Off: Good coverage move, removes items. - Iron Tail Toxic and Protect wear the opponent down effectively. However if you don't have the time to get Protean, just catch the first one, and SR for a good Nature. - Steel Wing, Item: anything Absol @ Absolite Metal Sound- Harshly lowers opponent's Special Defense and pretty much makes Magnezone unstoppable. Route 118 is also the location you get the Good Rod. - Stone Edge Sidney: Give Gardevoir a Persim Berry and send it in against Mightyena to block Swagger and safely KO with Dazzling Gleam. - Shadow Ball The Latis both get Surf and Waterfall in addition to the moves on this set, but those are both covered by other party members already. - Drill Peck - Brick Break - Flamethrower - Focus Blast / Brick Break. While everyone thinks Dawn Stones are a pain to obtain just use Super Training! This is a in-game team, it doesn't need to set up. - Dazzling Gleam / Will-O-Wisp. U only have to use dusk stone on a random Snount you have. - Stone Edge: see above - Hidden Power (TM) / Flash (TM) / Thunder Wave (TM)*. Personally, I just catch the first Ralts I come across. - Dragon Claw Earthquake is there because it's strong, Knock Off is to counter Psychic types, and Heavy Slam and Poison Jab are to take out Fairy types. - Surf Good Defense and high Special Attack, but its other stats are low. For every Pokemon on the team, give recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. Ability: Guts Earthquake is through Heart Scale as well! Azumarill @ Quick Claw The other HM Slave of the team, your game's respective Lati Twin. Swampert @ Swampertite Magnezone - Shadow Ball Ability: Shed Skin - Shadow Sneak They also have a Mega Evolution that makes that Dragon-type, which is pretty handy. It receives. Actually camperupt has 5 more SpAttack than Attack. Drake: Gyarados can set up two Dragon Dances on Altaria and proceed to sweep Drakes entire team. Supersalamence93 here bringing you another Pokemon Teambuilder. Surf is preferred over Waterfall because of its higher base power, and Waterfall works better on Gyarados anyways. Crobat doesnt excel in any major battles, but its very good at picking off minor Trainers all over the region. Swellow @ Sharp Beak Ninetales @ anything Swampert and Mega Swampert: Swampert is a good all-round Pokemon for the ingame of ORAS, and has considerable defences and attack in its Mega Form. - Megahorn: Level 37 Chimney Archie: I used a Beautifly with Silver Wind to safely take out Mightyena and Sharpedo, and Rock Slide Marshtomp for Golbat, but Manectric also works well. Wally (Walrein) @ Never-Melt Ice Hypnosis- Puts enemy to sleep. - Dragon Pulse You can get Tentacruel pretty easily and early on, and it'll serve as good HM slave for all the water you need to deal with in Hoenn. "use it when you get it." Kiwi is my flyer. Sludge Wave is also good for the Grass types, along with Ice Beam. - Zen Headbutt I must say, I would prefer Rock Slide, if I needed coverage on fire types. Spike (Cacturne) @ Miracle Seed - Giga Drain Gardevoir @ Life Orb / Gardevoirite / Leftovers Can deal with Psychics with Dark Pulse and X-Scissor. Ability: Intimidate Make sure to use the Move Relearner on Gardevoir to get Moonbast. Here's his set-up: Gallade @ Galladite - Bite (Level 20) > Crunch (Level 41) - Rock Smash With access to Swords Dance, it could be a potential sweeper. Pyre) / Infestation (TM83 - Sootopolis City) / Toxic (TM06 - Fiery Path), Shadow Sneak (Level 7 - May require Move Reminder), Aerial Ace (TM40 - Mauville City Pokmart). - Metal Sound. Really helps with Fire Blast and Solar Beam. - Iron Head This is for a standard team, so just pick Mudkip. TM Earthquake: Seafloor Cavern (on the main path, can't miss it) - Dive - Psychic Aqua Tail is STAB and the rest is coverage (Crunch is STAB if Mega). For all the people who just love Magcargo or Torkoal, I choose Camerupt due to type advantages. Each of these Pokmon brings a lot to the team. Dragon Claw / Dual Chop: Since Dragon Pulse isn't easily available, Dual Chop or Dragon Claw will do. Vivi (Aggron) @ Lucky Egg Zen Headbutt is solid filler coverage, and Earthquake is Earthquake! Roserade @Miracle Seed/Black Sludge/Filler - Fly - Recover Surf is because I was too lazy keep switching Pokmon so I had a different Surf-er, whereas, if you are patient enough, Superpower just gives him a little more coverage. I would replace it with Brick Break instead for more coverage You can do that too, however I enjoy to have at least 1 priority move in my team, just in case. A very good wall, with good attacking stats but low Speed. Swampert @ Swampertite You might be wondering why so few HMs. Poison Jab: Mirage Mountain, requires Acro Bike - Growl (starting move) > Disarming Voice (Level 11) > Draining Kiss (Level 23) > Dazzling Gleam (TM99 - Route 123) Ability: Pickup Swampert Tropius Banette Absol Mawile Flygon Team 3: Blaziken Grumpig Breloom Walrein Zangoose Altaria Currently Hunting: WishIhadaManafi5, MockingJ and shoz999 N Nebbygetinthebag Well-Known Member Dec 28, 2018 #8 My team in Emerald was: Blaziken, Ludicolo, Gardevoir, Sableye, Aggron and Flygon. - Hone Claws - Earthquake. Ice Beam: Good against Grass types. - Iron Head. Surf: STAB and an HM. Crawdaunt can learn Crunch, which pairs better with his high attack after STAB than Dark Pulse. Absol has a super high Attack stat and good Speed. Discharge is the best STAB move it gets (The sidequest for TM24 Thunderbolt comes too late and is a waste of time). Swampert is the HM slave, but he has powerful enough moves that he can get you out of sticky situations as well. Until then, use whatever item you think works. - Cross Poison Any good water type alternatives for Walrein or Milotic? I sometimes rotate my Pokemon around, so these might not be the six I always use. Don't evolve Vibrava until Level 47, so it can learn Boomburst. I went with a team I tried to balance with as many types as I could get, along with some high base stats. Ability: Trace / Synchronize > Pixilate Fly to the Move Deleter in Lilycove City to remove Strength, as its no longer useful. Gardevoir will be able to take on Brawley, Sidney, and Drake with it's moves. - (filler move). I would suggest adding a Mega Stone to it, so it can actually use good Flying STAB, but that isn't available until after the postgame, to it's in the same boat as Swampert's Ice Punch, i.e. Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt or Energy Ball are coverage, or you can use Calm Mind to set up. Ability: Clear Body Ability: Synchronize Toxic only affects one Pokemon, but badly poisons it. It has enough power to easily drag a boulder weighing more than a ton. - Will-O-Wisp Route 110 Rival: Slugma and Wailmer both fall to Marshtomp, but Grovyle is more of an issue. We all know how constricting HMs can be otherwise (especially before getting to Lilycove), so let's get started. Earthquake, Yep. Silk Scarf-boosted Fake Out does quite a lot of damage to neutral opponents, and free damage is excellent. - Brick Break: TM31 in Sootopolis City. - Ice Beam - Water Gun (starting move) > Surf (HM obtained after defeating Norman) Remember: Mega Evolve Heracross at all times!! Very fast, with high Special Attack but low defenses. Teams should be aimed toward making casual runs of the game efficient, enjoyable and hassle-free. - Sludge Wave. - Volt Switch. - Volt Switch / Thunder Wave Waterfall, Surf, and Dive can be alternated depending on what part of the game you're going through. - Dive, I had to make him into a HM slave since I didn't have any other team members that could learn the Water HM's and I didn't wanna get rid of a team member to have an HM slave. Sceptile @ Sceptilite So this comes very early on in the game. Also on Route 111, we encounter one of the most underrated Gen 3 mons IMO. Is a TM slave a thing? Power-Up Punch is just there to make his Attack even more OP, and the rest are coverage or fillers. Surf is a good move and is your means of water transportation. Ability: Flash Fire Medicham @ Medichamite - Toxic This Pokemon is used for Tate & Liza and Phoebe, but if it sets up a few Swords Dances, you can sweep most teams. U-turn is an option, but in-game you can switch when you need to. Every team needs a Dragon type and [emailprotected] are great. - Stone Edge Good Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed, but low HP and Defense. Thunderbolt is Manectric's main STAB, and Flamethrower is its main coverage. - Shadow Claw / Brave Bird Brick Break/Dazzling Gleam - Cut - Earthquake Just don't use against a Grass type. - Flamethrower Overall, just my favorite of the starters. - Seed Bomb that are only available through, Earthquake (TM26 - Seafloor Cavern) / Rock Slide (TM80 - Route 134), Bulk Up (TM08 - Gift from Brawly) / Poison Jab (TM84 - Mirage Mountain), Surf (HM03 - Petalburg City after beating Norman) / Superpower (Level 46), Thunderbolt (TM24 - From Wattson after completing the New Mauville sidequest), Charge Beam (TM57 - Mauville City Pokmart), Dark Pulse (TM97 - Team Magma/Aqua Hideout) / Shadow Ball (TM30 - Mt. Swampert is a good defensive Pokemon, boasting key resistances to common attacking types such as Rock, Electric, Steel, Fire, and Poison-types. Flamethrower is good for Ice types and Steel Wing for the Fairies. The first team on this list that wasn't just Hoenn all over I like this team. Linoone can be subbed out for Zangoose or Seviper, which are both really good in-game. Ideally, comment on more than just the four moves you'll . Fairies are no problem with Sludge Wave. Flash improves your visibility in dark caves, although it isn't really needed. - Shadow Ball What is a good in-game team for Sword and Shield? - High Jump Kick Some other Pokemon were used for some of these battles, and those instances will be noted with alternatives. Mudkip will be better for your Water HM user, and Blaziken has better type advantage, but guess what? They're pointless in-game. To get Dragon Dance, first reach the Pokmon League. Manectric Manectric is the best Electric type available in my opinion. What is a good in-game team for Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald? Strength because you need a Strength user and it's a decent move. The first options are for a safer playstyle, while the second set hits harder, but might kill you in the process. Today's team is Gen 6/3 ORAS starting with Torchic. - Surf Magnezone @ Magnet (Assuming you don't throw out Mega Sceptile in front of Glacia or something), Sceptile @ Sceptilite If you're playing during the special shiny Beldum event, I would say replace Froslass with Metagross. Giga Drain is learnt by the prior evolution, I think. - Strength (HM) - Dragon Claw. But now I do, and this Pokmon takes great advantage of its great ability: Huge Power. Ability: Pickup I won't list the locations of the HM's since they're needed to complete the game anyway. - Bullet Seed: Move Reminder in Fallarbor Town. - Brick Break / Strength - Waterfall. Ability: Overgrow -> Lightning Rod - Crabhammer Thunder Wave can be used in the same way, since it learns Thunder Wave through levelling up and you get Thunder Wave as a TM quite early in game. - Thunderbolt. - Dark Pulse: TM97 at the Team Magma/Aqua Hideout - Earth Power If you want to surf faster, use Sharpedo instead. - Earthquake [emailprotected] Expert Belt Great Pokemon who also gets Fly and Strength. Linoone is basically a HM Slave with Cut, Strength and Rock Smash. Gardevoir can also take on most of Team Aqua/Magma as the teams use a lot of Poison and Dark type Pokemon. Surf should be used until you catch a Carvanha on Route 118 and teach it Surf, then you can delete Surf if you so wish by going to the Move Deleter in Lilycove City. Ability: Natural Cure Giga Drain Stealth Rock. Sure, it's not the fastest- but its. - Earthquake / Knock Off / Heavy Slam / Poison Jab. Nice dual type Pokemon. TM Ice Beam: Sea Mauville You can include items, abilities, etc. - Dragon Claw. Wallace: Set up a Calm Mind or two on Luvdisc with Gardevoir, then use Magical Leaf to cleave through it and Whiscash. Sceptile Overheat- Great power, STAB If you want Protean, catch the required Kecleon so you can DexNav for a Protean Kecleon. Great team! But then it will have a very low level and need a lot of experience before it becomes useful. While it is an HM slave, I do recommend you use it in battle as well. I just got her in Victory Road and after a little bit of training, she evolved. Pyre Froslass is a pretty good BoltBeam user, with passable Special Attack and good Speed. This team performed very well in a Nuzlocke I just completed, and it makes a very strong team for a casual playthrough as well. Its easily able to be incorporated earlier, however, and does well against the multitude of Water and Flying types in the game. - Strength. - Leech Seed Gardevoir doesn't have any great abilities, but on a rare occasion Trace can help in some cool ways. Rock Slide is a powerful coverage option that works as a good backup against Winona, should Manectric fall. - Rock Smash It was a pain to train her up as a Vulpix but it was totally worth it. - Feint Attack He has amazing Special Defence and good Attack, and a pretty great movepool. - Protect. Night Slash- Decent power, covers Ghost weakness. Winona: Manectric is a good answer to most of her team, but Gyarados may be necessary to Ice Fang her Altaria. Swampert - holding Swampertite with the moves: -Surf -Earthquake -Ice beam -Rock Slide Magcargo - holding heat rock with the moves: -earth power -overheat -amnesia -Sunny day Magnezone holding. Ability: Volt Absorb Close Combat does more damage but has lower PP and lowers your defenses. Pickup is super useful as well, hence why it has no item. There isn't really much to say about them; they free up slots in the rest of the team's movesets and allow you to play the game. - Calm Mind Hariyama easily removes Magneton and Delcatty, and Gardevoir can come in to clean up Roselia and Gallade. - Waterfall Woah. Shadow Claw is for Psychic types, and Earthquake is Earthquake. Nothing is greater than a Swampert. Fly and Steel Wing are STAB, Night Slash is coverage and Spikes or Toxic are great status moves. Otherwise, this team will straight up scrape anyone who tries to beat you. I kinda cheated a little and brought a Dawn Stone over from my Pokmon Y version so I could have a powerhouse early on and he just rocks it. Swampert: Starter (Mudkip) Gardevoir - Psychic/Fairy Ability: Pure Power. - Dragon Claw / Dual Chop I know that this is old, but replace Moonblast with Hyper Voice for the Pixilate boost. Blazer (Blaziken) @ Blazikenite - Earthquake Aggron - Steel/Rock I also used a Metagross, but you can't get that easily anymore. Hariyama destroys the Elite 4, being good against Sidney, Phoebe and Steven. The best team for Pokemon Emerald with Swampert Swampert Image via The Pokemon Company Swampert is the mainstay of this team, as the final evolution of the Water-type starter. - Nuzzle Ability: Shell Armor Waterfall - Rock Smash. Earthquake. With Mega Sceptile's high Special Attack, it's a great filler move, plus it seems to come in handy a lot (other than its bad accuracy). This Pokmon also has powerful vision that lets it see even in murky water. Getting Protean was one of the things I was actually patient enough for. What is a good in-game team for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? First off I love all of your Good In-Game team suggestions. Greta (Gardevoir) @ Gardevoirite I understand what you're saying for Blaziken however you don't need to use Flare Blitz and High Jump Kick, I said you can otherwise use Blaze Kick and Sky Uppercut, I only taught my Blaziken Flare Blitz and HJK for when I was battling the Elite 4. dude change earth power to earthquake camerupt has higher attack than special. - Boomburst - Giga Drain And finally, in the depths on the Shoal Cave (and by the depths I mean the first room), we meet our final permanent team member, the thicc walrus. There are some strategies used in a Nuzlocke that arent necessarily helpful in a casual run, like equipping specific berries. No backup should be needed, but Gyarados is a good fallback. Conversely, Aggron's 4x weaknesses to Fighting and Ground are much more problematic, plus you obtain Aggron far later than Gyarados. Ability: Static / Lightning Rod --> Intimidate - Flash Cannon Aggron @ Assault Vest Close Combat: Great coverage move. Don't give Linoone an item as pickup gives random stuff like Revives and Repels, for Flygon don't give Yache berry as many people are just too lazy to find where they planted berries (or even plant them in the first place).and it's one time use, some random wild Pokmon's Ice-type move would waste the berry. Thunderbolt is STAB, Flamethower is coverage, Volt Switch is a free switch and STAB, Quick Attack is priority or Thunder Wave for paralysis. - Thunderbolt / Thunder You can only get a Dawn Stone from Wally after you beat him at the Victory Road, which let's you evolve your Kirlia into a Gallade. That said, you can take advantage of Crobat's high Speed and good Attack to end most Pokemon quickly with STAB Acrobatics and Cross Poison. Ability: Overgrow (Mega Sceptile: Lightning Rod) The other moves are pretty self explanatory, although you can use a mixed set with Psychic > Zen Headbutt for accuracy. It or Hariyama can deal with Sharpedo, and Gardevoir cleanly OHKOes the rest of Sidneys team. Bellossom Blaze Kick was Blaziken's signature move and it's an all-around great Fire STAB. It has great coverage and usually very fast. - Cut Magnezone @ Magnet Skarmory for Cut, Strength, Rock Smash, and Fly. - Flamethrower Because his Attack was already pretty good compared to his Special Attack, there's no doubt about whether or not it would be a physical set. Exploud is a decent Pokmon with stats that tend to lean towards the Special Attack. Roserade @ Miracle Seed - Foul Play Moves are after getting rid of most HMs for the E4 and Champ. Once you get the EXP Share, however, levelling it up becomes trivial. Ability: Torrent - U-turn / Roost. - Extrasensory Altaria is my favorite Dragon type you can obtain in Hoenn (Besides Flygon). Quick Attack for priority and Thunderbolt is STAB. Ability: Levitate - Swords Dance / X-Scissor. -Moonblast - Steel Wing Waterfall is a good STAB move and with his huge Attack it just gets better. For its moves, Close Combat is its strongest Fighting type move, but if you don't want the stat drops you can choose Brick Break instead. Frost Breath is better in most cases, because it'll be 120 STAB rather than 90, bar random Shell Armour Pokemon. (Left set of moves is Gallade, right set is Gardevoir) Shadow Ball/Dazzling Gleam/Grass Whistle. Dazzling Gleam is the strongest Fairy STAB move Gardevoir gets before the postgame, and its extra BP is typically more helpful than Draining Kiss HP recovery. Ability: Pickup It was more helpful in the Elite 4 than Wake-Up Slap was, as a PP Max gave it enough PP to reliably take out a few opponents. Jolteon and Raichu are both amazing, but it can be a little hard to find a Thunder Stone, so another option is Manectric. Which one you get doesn't really matter, as you'll hardly ever use it in battle and they learn the same HMs. Medicham - Hex. Especially Stone Edge. (I know right lol), Swampert @ Swamperite Ideally, this is the Pokemon you want Ninjask to Baton Pass to. I use the exact same team as yours except Absol. Return: Pacifidlog Town Sludge Bomb is STAB, Flamethrower is just for some coverage, Dark Pulse/Shadow Ball covers his only weakness in Psychic, and Will-O-Wisp/Infestation/Toxic is for chip damage, adding to his walling role. So Energy Ball is STAB, Dragon Claw is STAB as a mega and Earthquake and Rock Slide cover all other weaknesses. It can even learn Blizzard or Ice Beam to deal with Grass Pokemon by itself, but it isn't. When navigating around tight bends, where if you go too fast you'll end up on the shore, that is when having a normal speed surfer pays off. - Fly Camerupt Crobat is probably the best flier in the game due to its high Speed and large variety of moves. Banette helps against Phoebe and Sceptile, Walrein or Milotic can all handle Drake. If you can't get it, Hyper Voice is the next best bet. Seviper @ anything Gardevoir @ Gardevoirite Yawn. - Psychic For Boomburst, use a Heart Scale or just level up to level 58. Not the most brilliant move pool in the world, but the Electric/Steel typing really helps. I couldn't have Gardevoir as they are both Psychic-type, and the road to Gallade is pretty tough on Kirlia, so I decided on Meditite, and I was pretty happy with my decision. - Crunch: Level 41 Item: Cameruptite or Charcoal - U-turn. Thanks for reading! Skyler (Flygon) @ anything Earth Power is coverage and Yawn is also an option. Hey, gotta deal with 'em somehow! Leaf Blade/Thunderbolt. - Swords Dance. Now if you want. Giga Drain is powerful, reliable healing, and Sludge Bomb is nice STAB with a nasty 30% poison rate. - Rock Slide / Stone Edge. - Moonblast - Surf (HM) / Dig (TM)*. - Fake Out (Level 10) Flamethrower is to compensate for this team's distinct lack of a fire type, and gets rid of Ice-types Salamence usually falters against. - Spikes, Magnezone I don't understand why people wouldn't want to spend money on TM's, if they want to use them, they're going to have to buy them eventually, whether that be during the game, or once they've completed it. Just make sure your Delcatty has Cute Charm or Wonder Skin for its Ability. Anyway, both evolutions are fantastic. - Leer (starting move) > Volt Switch (TM72 - Obtained after defeating Wattson) If you really want to, you can replace Headbutt with Surf for another HM move, or Shadow Claw for better coverage. Surf is Walrein's go-to STAB and takes the responsibility off of Linoone, Ice Beam is STAB and kills Grass-types, Crunch is filler, and Earthquake covers Electric and Rock types. - Iron Tail - Iron Tail. Glacia: Hariyama OHKOes both Glalie (and Walrein with Close Combat after a Fake Out), so the only annoyances are the Froslass. - Thunderbolt. Really, just here for raw power and Waterfall. Tate & Liza: Send out Swampert and Gyarados. Volt Switch: is great STAB and lets you pivot. Please follow these guidelines regarding detail in your post:. I didn't really think of Medicham as something that was very worthwhile, but I tried it out as I wanted to use Azumarill. I have been experimenting with other Pokmon in my Alpha Sapphire, and Gallade has been phenomenal. - Waterfall. Nuzzle is simply a better version of Thunder Wave, dealing damage as well. Ice punch for coverage and Rain Dance for setting rain when needed. - Overheat - Rock Smash TM71 Stone Edge can be purchased from the Lilycove Department Store for 30,000 Pokmon Dollars. - Psychic Ability: Inner Focus The other three main team members should be plenty up to that point, though, and with how fantastic Salamence is, it's arguably worth the effort. - Surf - Poison Jab - Earthquake. - Rain Dance Swampert is semi-bipedal. :), This team features not one, but two HM slaves, to allow the rest of the team to fire on all cylinders. Also raichu is one of my favorite pokemon. Creepy Pokedex entries aside, this Pokmon has great Speed. - anything. Swords Dance: Good for setting up.

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