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These prices include shipping and handling. 27, 1928 CHILDREN: 105. 26. vi. Our ancestors, Andreas DINKEL and Katharine KUHN, were among this latter group. Clara Jean Rohleder was born February 13, 1952 in St. Peter, Kansas. Jacob Henry Bongartz May 30, 1904 to Jul 4, 1952 23. Children of Stephen Rohleder and Linda Herman are: Craig Steven Rohleder, born February 03, 1977 in Hays, Ellis County, and Kansas. March 29, 1939, Antonio, Ellis County, Kansas; d. January 16, 1988, Lancaster, California. 1749; Koln (Cologne) Germany Spouses: Maria Eva Knoll Johann Reinard Hammersmith b. Angela Gail Vonfelt, born October 08, 1980. 3/11/1924Viola Hammersmith b. Rose Mary Binder, b. January 01, 1935, Hays, Ellis County, Kansas. He was a poet. Edgar Befort, b. July 19, 1913, Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas; d. July 1983, Denver, Denver County, Colorado; m. Martha J. Faley; b. December 30, 1923. Vicki Michele Weilert, b. October 22, 1967. 1842 in Obermonjour, Russia. 27. vii. Philip S. Gottschalk and Dorothy McGuire had the following child: 5 i. Lou Ann3 Gottschalk. iv. 187. FAMILY OF WILLIAM GOTTSCHALK FATHER: William Gottschalk June 5m 1877 to May 9, 1938 MOTHER: Anna Munsch May 17, 1882 to Jun 1, 1969 MARRIED: NOV. 13, 1900 AT Schoenchen, Kansas CHILDREN: 329. Henry Befort was born February 02, 1925. Bernard Aloysius Bongartz Oct. 31, 1908 May 15, 1966 25. She married (3) George R. Glass December 19, 1982, son of George Glass and Dollie Gaurman. Gertrude Gottschalk? Survivors include two brothers, William J., Hays, and Alois, Grand Island, Neb., and five sisters, Josephine Pfeifer, Hays, Jane Gottschalk, Lacrosse, and Agnes England, Ester Stals and Bernice England, all of New Bedford, Mass. 19, 1942 84. He married MARY GOETZ, daughter of BALTHASAR GOETZ and ANNA WINDHOLZ. 1 Peter Schumacher was born 1730 in Germany.He married Anna Marie ? He married Bertha Pfannenstiel April 19, 1932 in Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas, daughter of Nicholas Pfannenstiel and Anna Wasinger. FRANZ JOSEPH GRIBNAU, b. GREGORY ALAN PFOHL. iii. FAMILY OF KENNETH PHILIP BONGARTZ FATHER: Kenneth Phillip Bongartz Apr. Johann Anton was BORN in Wittman and based on the age and name, Anton DECHANT is the most likely father of Johann Anton. Florina Schmidt was born July 03, 1909. Submitted by Jane Gottschalk, William and Rosa William Gottschalk was born March 19, 1897, in Schoenchen, Kansas. WebUniversity of North Florida 1 UNF Drive Jacksonville, Florida 32224-7699 (904) 620.5432 Email: brent.mai@unf.edu He was born January 10, 1951 in Park, Kansas. She married ANDREAS B. GOETZ May 19, 1908, son of JOHANNES GOETZ and ANNA THERE. Generation No. He married PEGGY STUDER BRADY. He was born April 16, 1866 in Wittman, Russia, and died March 17, 1911. FAMILY OF CHARLES WILLIAM McAFEE FATHER: Charles William McAfee Dec. 7, 1941 MOTHER: Mary Louise Dancison ? 1, 1948 83. Anton B. Leiker, b. April 09, 1875, Obermunjou, Russia; d. November 22, 1964, Kansas Good Samaritan Center, Ellis, Ellis County, Kansas. 8 Gilbert William Meis, Jr. was born July 10, 1948 in Hays, KS, St. Anthony Hospital. August Gottschalk Feb. 13, 1906 to Aug. 20, 1972 18. in Wellendorf, Germany 19. 1798 in Herzog (Susly), RUSSIA, and died 1914 in Catherine, ELLIS COUNTY, AND KANSAS, Kansas. He is referred to in an 1878 letter from Anton BOOS to his son-in-law Adam Kranewitter of Valle Maria Argentina. 1916, St. Anthony, Morton, North Dakota; m. ALPHONSE KNOLL, 1937; b. Abt. MICHAEL ALBERT HEICK, b. Heinrich Speier, b. August 26, 1901, Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas; d. December 03, 1995, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas. Notes for Heinrich Kuhn: Note: Could Heinrich be the son of Deboldus Kuhn? MARRIED: Sep 9, 1972 CHILDREN: Sean Patrick McAfee Oct 8, 1973 17. The very first parents found in that area were: Anton Gottschalk and A. Catherina Leinker There is no record of where they came from, or who their forbearers were. Gregory Weber,born Mrch 24, 1981. Burial will be in the church cemetery. Children of Dreiling and Roger Rohr are: Tracey Rennee Rohr, born January 13, 1985Shelby Erin Rohr, born November 20, 1991.Mary Beth Sander was born December 27, 1952 in Hays, Ellis County, Kansas. Notes for Adolph Peter Pfannenstiel: Sacred Heart Cemetery; Ness City, Kansas. Shirley Wendler, b. Ness City, Ness County, Kansas; d. childhood. More about Paulina Leiker: Burial: Munjor, Kansas Peter B. Leiker, b. April 01, 1896, Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas; d. July 21, 1894, Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas. More aboutt Margaretha Vonfeldt: Occupation: Folk Doctor Children of Johann Dreiling and Margaretha Vonfelt are: Mary Ann Dreiling, born Jan. 24, 1898; died Dec. 28, 1969. He was born February 06, 1884 in Topeka, Kansas, and died September 27, 1967 in Hays, Ellis County, Kansas Children of Anna Befort and Jacob Brull are: Ralph Brull, b. October 22, 1908, Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas Aloysius Anthony Brull, b. October 18, 1909, Munjor, Ellis county, Kansas; m. Helen Smith Reardon, September 12, 1955; b. First published several decades ago, it has been described as the most reliable work on the early years of the German Volga Colonies, based on materials in the Archives at Saratov and in the Colonies. Graduated from Atlantic Air Line School, Kansas City, 1973 and attended the University of Illinois from 1985 to 1986. HEATHER MARIE PHILLIPS. She MARRIED Martin Quint JANUARY 22, 1884, son of Martin Quint and Margaretha Berens. Children of Diane Dreher and Ronald Dinkel are: Medesa Ann dinkel, born January 28, 1968 in Hays, Ellis County, Kansas. She married Jacob Brull April 30, 1907 in Munjor, Ellis County, Kanas, son of Garbriel Brull and Anna Rupp. She liked nice things, good food, pretty clothes, handsome furniture. Many people from as far as Cologne made pilgrimages to this highly indulged chapel. She was born 1845 in Russia. 1825 in Herzog (Susly), Russia; died September 14, 1907 in Victoria, Ellis County, Kansas; married Maria Elizabetha Rupp Abt. The Russian name for Herzog, "Susly" means "Hops". Hope Cem., Ellis, KS. Joseph J. Dreiling, born April 05, 1900 in Victoria, Ellis County, Kansas; died Aug. 02, 1992 in Victoria, Ellis County, Kansas. He was born October 31, 1947. Adelena Pfannenstiel was born December 17, 1906 in Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas. From Catherine to Khrushchev: The Story of Russia's Germans Maria Elizabeth Bieker 6. Hyacinth Joseph Bongardt Dec. 4, 1911 to Jul 6, 1966 MOTHER: Janet Remaley MARRIED: Jan. 10, 1945 CHILDREN: 81. She almost single-handed raised nine children, made sure they all went to High school and they never went hungry. 3 Michael Schumcher was born 1789 in Obermonjou, Russia, and ided in Obermonjou, Russia.He married SPOUSE in Obermonjou, Russia.She was born 1790 in Obermonjour, Russia, and died in Obermonjour, Russia. Generation No. 1916, son of JOSEPH HEICK and ELIZABETH FROEHLICH. Generation No. She married (2) Joseph G. Dreher January 06, 1925 in Russell, KS, son of John Dreher and Cecelia Tauscher. They lived in St. Pater, Kansas. MARIA BEFORT and ANDREAS GOETZ are: MARIA BEFORT was born August 18, 1888 in Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas, aand died February 13, 1975 in Brighton, Colorado. FAMILY OF VINCENT B. GOTTSCHALK FATHER: Vincent B. Gottschalk Jul. immigration 1767 to Remmler/Rommler Kohn Germany Children Johann Reinhard Nikolaus Heinrich (2) marriage Anton and Wilhelmina Mary Children Dorotea Immigration 1773 to Wittmann Solothurn, Russia from Zug, Russia Generation No. Towards the close of the decade of the '40s the Gottschalk family came over the rough roads and through the woods into Wells County, Indiana, locating on a farm in Nottingham Township, where the industry of Jacob Gottschalk cleared up about eighty acres. Generation No. I also spoke with two gentlemen by telephone in Warburg who were namned Werth; one was a printer and the other was a dealer in lumber. The pasture was a half mile east of Schoechen. Joseph PFANNENSTIEL, BORN 1794 in Obermonjour, Samara, RUSSIA. Emma Bieker (d. child) 7. He was born November 08, 1964 in Pamona, Franklin County, Kansas. March 24, 1913, Antonio, Ellis County, Kansas; m. Emery Flaherty, January 28, 1946; b. July 24, 1911. Services are scheduled for 10 a.m. Tuesday at St. Joseph Catholic Church, with Father Paulines Karlin officiating, burial in the church cemetery. Child of William Weber and Barbara Tucker is: Brian William Weber, born April 28, 1982. MICHELE MARIE MIGNEAULT, b. April 27, 1956, Shelby, MT. Descendants of Anna Ruder Generation No. He married Ceysta Dymond May 14, 1977. William David Mouser, born August 17, 1976 in Garden City, Finney County, Kansas. xi. 1/13/1909HAMMERSCHMIDT, JOHN J. m. ANNA BRUNGARDTb. Service is 11 a.m. Monday at St. Mary Catholic Church, Gorham, with Father Didacus Dunn officiating; burial in St. Mary Cemetery, Gorham. I have no first name for this woman. He married Lois M. Denning November 18, 1977, daughter of Joseph Denning and Frances Kreutzer. Marlene F. Gottschalk Dec. 3, 1939 111. Children of Susan Dreiling and Julius Windholz are: Christopher Alan Windholz, born March 25, 1972. Location: Starting at Wamego go 1 mile north on Highway 99. Kevin Joseph McAfee Feb 27, 1953 35. Jan. 30, 1947 d. May 4, 1894P: Leonard Hammerschmidt P: Michael QuintCatherine Wahl Francesca Spies ELIZABETH--Aug. 26, 1879 (m. Frank Bieker) (d. Nov. 1 1959)LEONARD--Jan. 20, 1881 (m. Margaret Bieker) (d. Aug. 26, 1940)ANTON-April 15, 1884 (m. Anna Barbara Schmidtberger) (d. April 9, 1935)JOHANNES FIDELIS--Dec. 10, 1885 (m. Anna Brungardt) (d. Nov. 3, 1957)FRANZ JOSEPH--NOV. 6, 1887 (m. Margaret Rupp) (d. Jan. 22, 1959)MICHAEL--April 18, 1889 (m. Anna Sander) (d. Aug. 30, 1961)CATHERINE--July 24, 1892 (m. Anton Wagner) (d. May 6, 1964)Johannes Jacob Hammerschmidt m (1) Anna Barbara Quint 11/11/1878 b. He was born April 15, 1955. He married Henrietta Huser August 01, 1959 in Vincent, KS in St. Boniface C.C., daughter of Henry Huser and Catherine Dechant. > Genealogy of Fredrich and Lucy Werth Co-Founders of Schoenchen, Kansas By Rev. Louise Befort, b. February 26, 1919, Schoenchen, Ellis County, Kansas; d. June 26, 1998, Lacrosse, Rush County, Kansas. ANNA MARIA DECHANT (?) She married Michael Reardon December 02, 1972. There was mass starvation that first year. Carl Befort, b. September 13, 1886, Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas. Child of Linda Vonfelt and Michael Reardon is: Tristan Dee Reardon, born January 18, 1980. 1763, Dafelburg, Germany. May 21, 1858d. Charles Jacob Bongartz Jan. 15, 1946 to Apr 25, 1968 82. In the 1850 OBERMONJOU census, Joseph, 16, was again listed at his parent's house. Their children were Margaret >Dinkel-- (m. Michael Peter Kuhn) >Jospeh Dinkell--(m. Catharina Riedel (2) Catharina Graf >I have np concrete evidence that Margaret Dinkel was a sister of >Joseph. Aletha Befort, m. ? He was born 1879 and died September 25, 1951. She was the daughter of Unknown Bollig. She married (2) ANDREAS GOETZ AND ANNA RIEDEL. +Katherine Folwerk d: in Russia .. 2 Peter Wittmann b: March 10, 1838 in Herzog, Russia d: March 3, 1918 in Victoria, Kansas, USA Occupation: Grain miller, owner; Herzog, Russia +Catherina Nussbaum b: August 14, 1845 in Russia d: January 22, 1915 in Victoria, Kansas, USA . 3 Catherine Wittman . 3 Joseph Wittman b: October 16, 1874 d: April 16, 1889 in Died of influenza . 3 Barbara Wittman b: August 14, 1879 d: August 14, 1879 in Infant death . 3 Maria Wittman b: September 8, 1881 d: August 20, 1893 in Died of appendicitis . 3 Johannes Wittman b: April 25, 1883 d: January 10, 1902 in Victoria, Ks died trying to jump a freight train . 3 Margaret Wittman b: August 24, 1885 in Victoria, Kansas, USA d: December 11, 1968 in Victoria, Kansas, USA Burial: St. Fidelis Cemetery, Victoria, Kansas, USA .. +Andrew Klaus b: September 8, 1882 in Munjor, Kansas, USA d: July 20, 1966 in Victoria, Kansas, USA m: April 26, 1904 in St. Fidelis Church, Victoria, Kansas, USA Burial: St. Fidelis Cemetery, Victoria, Kansas, USA . 3 Anna Maria Wittman b: September 6, 1866 d: September 14, 1899 .. +Alexander (Sr.) Geist b: October 1865 in Obermunjor, Russia d: May 21, 1918 in Hyacinth, Kansas tornado victim m: November 8, 1886 Burial: May 21, 1918 St John's Cemetery, Hyacinth, KS . 3 Wittman b: December 1876 d: February 28, 1878 . 3 John Wittman b: 1882 d: September 11, 1889 . 3 [1] Agnes Wittmann b: August 13, 1877 d: August 22, 1940 .. +Bollig . *2nd Husband of [1] Agnes Wittmann: .. +Martin Quint b: March 23, 1865 d: October 16, 1922 m: April 15, 1901 .. 2 Johannes Wittman b: December 8, 1835 in Russia d: April 8, 1914 Immigration: July 29, 1876 New York New York S S Mosel +Anna Catherine Brungardt b: February 1838 in Russia d: February 16, 1884 m: in Russia Immigration: July 29, 1876 New York New York S S Mosel3 Alexander Wittman b: July 15, 1864 in Herzog Russia d: March 15, 1943 in Park Kansas Immigration: July 29, 1876 New York New York S S Mosel+Elizabeth Kreutzer b: December 8, 1869 in Russia d: July 31, 1960 in Park Kansas m: January 15, 1890 Immigration: July 29, 1876 New York New York S S Mosel3 Michael M Wittman b: May 17, 1874 in Russia d: November 10, 1957 in Walker Kansas Immigration: July 29, 1876 New York New York S S Mosel +Margaret Braun b: June 4, 1876 in Herzog Russia d: April 17, 1913 in Walker Kansas m: October 9, 1894 in Herzog Kansas Immigration: April 17, 1888 Baltimore Maryland S S America3 Franz Wittman b: October 22, 1883 in Herzog Kansas d: January 24, 1952 in Topeka Kansas+Katharina Scheck b: October 22, 1883 in Herzog Kansas d: April 23, 1963 in Topeka Kansas m: November 24, 1903 in Herzog Kansas Johann Michael WITTMAN Born: bet 1747 and 1749at: Reischburg, Austria Married: bef 1776 at: Herzog (Susly), Russia Died: at: Father:Georg WITTMANMother: Wife: Katarina FRANKBorn: 1754 at: Bruchsalz, Austria Died: at: Father:Michael FRANZ Mother:Anna Eva (FRANZ) Name: Georg WITTMAN Born: 1776 at: Herzog (Susly), Russia Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Marianna WITTMAN Born: 1777 at: Herzog (Susly), Russia Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Jacob WITTMAN Born: 1779 at: Herzog (Susly), Russia Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Teresia WITTMAN Born: 1780 at: Herzog (Susly), Russia Married: at: Died: at: Spouses Name: Stefan WITTMAN Born: 1782 at: Herzog (Susly), Russia Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Georg WITTMAN Born: 1784 at: Herzog (Susly), Russia Married: at: Died: at: Spouses:Name: Valentin WITTMAN Born: 1787 at: Herzog (Susly), Russia Married: at: Died: at: Spouses Name: Katarina WITTMAN Born: 1790 at: Herzog (Susly), Russia Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Michael WITTMAN Born: 1792 at: Herzog (Susly), Russia Married: at: Died: at: Spouses Name: Johannes WITTMAN Born: 1794 at: Herzog (Susly), Russia Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Name: Utarlykos WITTMAN Born: 1796 at: Herzog (Susly), Russia Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Husband: Johann Georg SCHMIDTBERGERBorn: 1740 at: Regensturk, Germany Married: bef 1766 at: Regensturk, Germany Died: at: Father:Mother: Other Spouses: Elisabeta RICHMEIERWife: Anna Maria (SCHMIDTBERGER) Born: 1730 at: Regensturk, Germany Died: at: Father:Mother: Other Spouses: Peter WittmanBirth: 10 Mar 1838 Herzog, RussiaDeath: 3 Mar 1918 Victoria, Kansas Spouse: Katherine Nussman Birth: 7 Jul 1841 Russia Death: 22 Jan 1915 Victoria, Kansas Children:1F: Anna Maria Wittmann Birth: 6 Sep 1866Death: 25 Nov 1899 Hyacinth, Kansas Spouse: Alexander (Sr.) GeistMarriage: 8 Nov 18862 M: Joseph WittmannBirth: 16 Oct 1874Death: 16 Apr 18893 M: ? Children of Vickie Korbe and Dennis Hammerschmidt are:Bobbi Lunn Hammerschmidt, born March 19, 1971.Gale Alan Hammerschmidt, born May 20, 1972.Misti Dawn Hammerschmidt, born May 10, 1976.Lindsay Sommer Hammerschmidt, born April 09, 1980.Gregory Korbe was born November 11, 1956 in Hays, Ellis County, Kansas. Child of Linda Vonfelt and Michael Reardon is: Tristin Dea Reardon, born January 18, 1980. Transport of the Volga Germans from Oranienbaum to the Colonies on the Volga 1766-1767 He was born 1889. Jan. 30, 1947 d. May 4, 1894P. SARAH HELEN MECKLER, b. April 12, 1975. FAMILY OF BERNARD HENRY GOTTSCHALK FATHER: Bernard Henry Gottschalk Mar 15, 1875 to Sept. 23, 1941 MOTHER: Anna C. Keitgen Dec. 17, 1878 to Dec. 6, 1946 MARRIED: August 28, 1900, Pittsburg, Pa. CHILDREN: Angelbertum (Anna Elizabeth Gottschalk Mar 10, 1902 to May 28, 1924 Henry Bernard Gottschalk Jul 24, 1903 to Dec. 20, 1903 William Bernard Gottschalk Oct. 16, 1908 to Jul 28, 1909 There is somewhat of a mystery or doubt surrounding the Name of Mary Regina Gottschalk. She married (2) Thomas Gruber. She always wore dark clothes and a kerchief over her head called a "Babushka." Children of Donald Dreher and Brenda Stoppel are: Julie Ann Dreher Dustin Dreher Harold Dean Dreher was born December 05, 1951. He married (2) GERI YOUNG/MCDOUGAL March 18, 1968 in Vancouver, WA, daughter of LESTER YOUNG and GRACE BECK. Descendants of Heinrich Ruder Generation No. He MARRIED (1) ? 11-25-1859 Herzog, Russia d. Munjor, Kansas 16. Children of Angela Schmidt and Aloysius Rohr are: Lila Fay Rohr, b. November 24, 1932, Hays, Ellis County, Kansas; d. October 31, 1961; m. (1) Charles Sloan, November 23, 1949, Hays, Ellis County, Kansas ; b. 1886, Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas; d. 1886, Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas Anna Speier, b. October 02, 1887, Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas; d. July 27, 1986, St. Anthony's Hospital, Hays, Kansas Alex Speier, b. July 29, 1889, Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas; d. June 01, 1971, Hays, Ellis County, Kansas. Dreher, b. January 29, 1926; d. January 29, 1926. The nearest large city, Osbabrueck, is just 13 miles to the north. what does cm mean on jewelry, how to calculate probability of default on loans excel, the american revolution erupted as a response to increasing,

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